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Good Chance host Volunteer Socials every few months where volunteers past and present can get together as well as future ones looking to join Good Chance!

We will announce the next social very soon!

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Our theatres create new kinds of communities and connect people, stories and cultures from across the world, provide newly arrived refugees and migrants with a chance to express themselves and their situations, as well as a space to come together and get to know local people through art in all its forms.   

Good Chance volunteers come from the widest possible range of backgrounds and experiences, and we welcome all kinds of talents or skill sets. In addition to what happens on stage, the day-to-day life of a theatre relies on people with technical knowledge of working with wood, metal, electronics and engineering, as well as expertly organised people to help with everything that goes on behind the scenes.



Volunteering Opportunities in France

We currently do not have any volunteering opportunities in Paris but we’re still keen to know a bit more about your interests and experience, so we would be grateful if you could complete this form to express your interest in working with us.

We are always looking for help with translation of documents from English to French.

Without the help of so many generous volunteers Good Chance wouldn’t be able to continue our work, so we’re immensely grateful for your support.


Volunteering Opportunities in UK

We currently do not have any volunteering opportunities in the UK but do keep your eyes peeled as positions may become available.