Change the Word

Share Stories, Share Food, Share Spaces

A storytelling and poetry collective open to all, Change the Word is taking place in Coventry in partnership with Coventry City of Culture this spring, and in London in the autumn.

Change the word: a poetry anthology

“I AM”

the premiere poetry film from Change the Word Coventry


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Saturday 22nd June

As part of World Refugee Week, we invited everyone into the Good Chance Dome in Coventry to discover the city like never before.

The premiere performance from the Change the Word Coventry collective – some recently arrived, some born and bred here – was a fusion of poetry, puppetry and storytelling. Drawing on wide-ranging cultural heritages, reflections on the city and their wild imaginations, these upcoming artists showcased stories and poetry in a bold interweaving of powerful new voices.

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Join us, discover, write and meet friendly new faces. With inspirational writing and performance workshops, sharing food, performances in Refugee Week in June and a publication, we want to see the city through fresh eyes and tell its stories in a way they’ve never been told before.

Through Change the Word, people from across the local community come together to share ideas and share stories. The programme encourages participation from refugees and migrants, as well as being open to people from other backgrounds. Speakers of all languages welcome, conversational English required.


Change the Word is a writing and performance collective open to all with an interest in storytelling.

Members of the collective - refugees, migrants and people from the local area - will come together to share food, share ideas and share stories. Guided by inspirational writers, they’ll take part in workshops and visits to cultural events, libraries and community centres. Each Change the Word will culminate in performances - anywhere from a tucked-away bookshop, a public square or someone’s sitting room - and the publication of an anthology.

Through Change the Word, we want to change the world.

words from our workshops

Head bowed, praying hard
The mass moves into his heart
Dead between the pews.
— Alex, Change The Word Coventry
With nimble fingers
we build connections that change
our town and our world.
— Ian, Change The Word Coventry
The Bangle is distant memories
of marriage. Given to the daughter on
her wedding. It’s nearly impossible for
me to form any words out of my
mouth. A tradition going on for generations
has come to a stop when it found
me. The pattern can vary but the meaning
behind it remains exquisite. It never
got a chance to come out. With the
thing so simple yet demanding. Holds
your heart, having you think & focus
on things which once didn’t matter.
— Tanisha, Change The Word Coventry