Good Chance build temporary theatres of hope promoting freedom of expression, creativity and dignity for everyone. We are based in London at the Young Vic Theatre

Good Chance Calais

Good Chance built its first theatre in the Jungle refugee and migrant camp in Calais in 2015.It was conceived as a place for people to come to express themselves and offered a space “to escape or confront the situations they were in”.

The theatre ran a programme of work every day, incorporating all art forms and welcoming companies from across the UK, France and the world.

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Good Chance's Encampment in London

In July 2016, we staged a festival of work in London. It was run by refugees who had worked in the theatre in Calais and had recently arrived in the UK, and welcomed artists from across the world to perform. 

Encampment was staged in the same dome that stood in Calais, in collaboration with the Southbank Centre.

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Good Chance Paris

At the beginning of 2017, work began to build a theatre in Paris.

Following the eviction of the Calais camp three months previously, many refugees and migrants created small settlements within Paris, particularly in the Porte de la Chappelle area.

A new theatre – the same model and size of the Calais dome – was erected in March in the north-east of the city, close to Porte de la Chappelle, on the site of ‘La Station – Gare des Mines’, an old coal station run by Collectif MU as a live music venue.

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Evening Standard Theatre Awards, Editor’s Award, 2016

Peter Brook Empty Space Award, 2016

Nomination for the 2016 Index on Censorship, Freedom of Expression Awards

Nominated for JustGiving Fundraiser of the Year Award 2016