Through theatre and art, Good Chance creates new kinds of communities to empower artists from across the world and connect people, stories and cultures.


We redefine what art can do in the 21st century through the spaces, productions and programmes we create.


We go to places where others don’t and where expression is under threat, finding new and untold stories.


We create groundbreaking ways of bringing different people together.


We embrace every individual’s unique traditions and skills.


We build communities which become stronger than the sum of our individual parts.


We make world-leading work about the great challenge of living together now, building a crucible of stories of global and national relevance.




Good Chance Theatres

We build temporary Theatres of Hope in the form of large geodesic domes, in areas with high refugee populations where we hope to create meaningful opportunities for immigrant and local communities to interact through the arts.

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Good Chance Productions

We write, create and produce groundbreaking work with artists from across the world that provides a professional platform and context for previously untold stories of global and national relevance.


Good Chance Ensemble

We work with a collective of artists across the world supporting them to develop professionally and artistically through participation in our theatre domes and productions and other collaborative projects.

 “A varied programme of music, drama, poetry, movement and debate, for and by the inhabitants of the camp, occupies the Good Chance theatre six days a week. All by itself it proclaims that life without culture is nothing but biology in survival mode.”
— Sir Tom Stoppard in The Sunday Times



Broadway World UK, Winner of Best New Production of a Play for The Jungle

South Bank Arts Award for Theatre 2018 for The Jungle

Genesis Prize 2018

Empty Space Peter Brook Award 2016

Evening Standard Theatre Awards, Editors Award 2016

Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award 2016, Nomination 

Just Giving Crowdfunder Award 2016, Nomination

The Stage International Award 2016, Nomination

Groucho Club Maverick Award 2016, Nomination

Good Chance are an associate company of the Young Vic Theatre


To date, Good Chance have delivered speeches or presentations on the role of art in humanitarian crises at over 60 major events and conferences around the world.

Events and conferences that Good Chance have spoken at include:

  • Speaking alongside David Miliband of the International Rescue Committee at the 2016 Global Exchange in New York, on the eve of the UN Global Assembly.

  • Speaking and leading sessions at CityLab 2016 in Miami, and 2017 in Paris, hosted by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

  • Young Progress Makers Conference in London in January 2017, hosted by the Evening Standard.

  • Speaking to over 1300 delegates from every country in the world at One Young World Summit in Bogota in October 2017.

  • Speaking to over 1000 school children in schools like Greenside Primary School and the British School for Netherlands.

  • Speaking on a panel with UNHCR at the Royal Opera House on the role that art plays in displacement crises

  • Speaking at Shubbak Festival 2019 as part of a panel on ethics and impact of participation in artistic projects

Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson speaking to David Miliband, President of the International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Academic Research

At the start of 2017, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation published an enquiry into ‘The Civic Role of Arts Organisations’ entitled Rethinking Relationships. Good Chance was chosen as one of twenty international case studies of arts organisations working in innovative and groundbreaking ways to reach new communities. Read the full report here.

In 2016, the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM) researched and published piece that mapped the artistic and cultural landscape within refugee and migrant communities. Read the full report here.