We build temporary Theatres of Hope in the form of large geodesic domes, in areas with high refugee populations where we hope to create meaningful opportunities for immigrant and local communities to interact through the arts. In collaboration with local and international artists, the Domes host a multi-genre programme of workshops and share this work with the wider public at a weekly ‘Hope Show’.

We first built the dome in the unofficial refugee and migrant camp in Calais in 2015, and it has since migrated to London and Paris. In the summer of 2018, we built the dome at Jean Quarré CHU refugee and migrant accommodation centre, growing the Good Chance family more than ever before. In the autumn, we were invited by the Museum of Immigration to hold an artistic residency as part of their ‘Season of Welcome’. We worked with friends from refugee and migrant centres across the city and beyond, as well as new people we had met along the way. Through the workshops held in the dome, we celebrated diversity and difference, togetherness and solidarity.