A Carole Shorenstein Hays and Sonia Friedman Productions with Tom Kirdahy present the Good Chance Theatre, National Theatre and Young Vic production of The Jungle. The Jungle made it’s West Coast premiere at San Francisco’s The Curran theatre from March 26 until May 19 2019.

Following widely-acclaimed, sensation stirring, and completely sold-out engagements in London and New York, the new play The Jungle had it’s West Coast premiere in the Spring of 2019.

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Moe Bar-El
Lorraine Bruce
Alexander Devrient
Trevor Fox
Ammar Haj Ahmad
Tommy Letts
Arya Rose Lohmor
Catherine Luedtke
Yasin Moradi
Jonathan Nyati
John Pfumojena
Zara Rasti
Rachel Redford
Ibrahim Renno
Dominic Rowan
Rachid Sabitri
Mohammed Sarrar
Moses M. Sesay
Eric Tabach
Milan Tajmiri
Bisserat Tseggai
Ben Turner
Nahel Tzegai
Tim Wright
Khaled Zahabi

Written by
Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson

Stephen Daldry and Justin Martin

Set Designer
Miriam Buether

Costumer Designer
Catherine Kodicek

Lighting Designer
Jon Clark

Sound Designer
Paul Arditti

John Pfumojena

Video Designers
Duncan Maclean and Tristan Shepherd

UK Casting
Julia Horan, CDG

“By putting such a heartbreakingly human face on a story too often told through statistics, THE JUNGLE manages to provide us with both an incredible evening of theater and a moral imperative for our times. Let the dialogue begin, Bay Area.”
— Carol Shorenstein Hays


As part of Good Chance’s efforts around the show to involve local communities, engage local artists and inspire young people, we developed a mural project alongside the Curran.

We worked alongside a violence prevention and youth development organisation ‘United Playaz’ to develop a design based as a response to The Jungle which will then be painted on a temporary wall outside of the Curran.

The youth groups participated in several workshops after seeing The Jungle, discussing themes on home, movement and safety.


audience reviews

Profound. What an incredible roller coaster ride of emotions. We laughed. We cried. We laughed some more. We cried again and again. If you want to know what being a refugee is like, this is a good place to start.
— Prev Dole from San Jose, California
While there aren’t words to describe how I felt about the show, I’m going to do my best. Painful, beautiful, horrifying, amazing. I have never seen anything like it. I have never felt so completely immersed in a story.
— Scott Humphrey from Oakland, California
I will remember this production for a long time. It is staged in a way that conversations bloom out of the chaos of lots of people gathered under one roof in such a natural way, it’s as if we were there in the camp with them, hearing these conversations emerge for the first time.
— Chloe from San Francisco, California