Change the word, change the world

Change the Word forms part of the Good Chance Ensemble, a collective of artists from across the world, many newly arrived in the UK. Through poetry, storytelling and performance, Change the Word brings people together from communities to share ideas, share stories and share spaces. This first Change the Word project ran in partnership with and supported by Coventry City of Culture.

I am made of village food
I am made of manuk na ni gota
the chicken blood sauce is the sign of my wealth
I am made of dekke na ni arsik
the turmeric is the colour of my happiness.

Drawing on wide-ranging cultural heritages, reflections on the city of Coventry and their wild imaginations, these upcoming artists showcase their poetry in this bold interweaving of powerful new voices.

Change the Word premiered their poetry at ‘Dome in a Day’ in Coventry on Saturday 22nd June as part of World Refugee Week.

All proceeds from the anthology go to the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre’s Destitution Fund.

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