Good Chance pays the local living wage to those with the right to work. At the end of each month, Stage Door participants will need to invoice the company, which we can help you do.

You can read more about the living wage here.

How many hours work can I expect?

We ask that all applications to the Stage Door programme are available to work part time at a minimum of two and maximum of three full working days per week. We will operate a flexible working schedule, so the days you work are dependent on your schedule and when you are free!

I am an asylum seeker, can I apply?

We welcome applications from asylum seekers but we would only be able to reimburse you for expenses for volunteering instead of paying you a salary until you receive the right to work.

I am not based in London, can I apply?

As we are trialling this programme for the first time, we would like to limit it to London-based applications at first. But the hope is that we are able welcome those from outside London in the near future.

How good does my english have to be?

We require you to be comfortable enough with English that you are able to have a conversation and be able to express what you mean clearly.

How should I apply?

You can visit the application page here.

We will review the information you kindly sent us and will try to get back to you within a week. The next step will be to invite you into the offices to meet the team.

What happens after I apply?

Can I apply again if I don’t get in the first time?

Of course! If we say no the first time, it might be because we’ve had a lot of applicants, but we’d love to keep your details on our system and contact you again before the next placement.


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Mali on