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Good Chance at Bastion de Bercy

5th - 31st August

Good Chance at Bastion de Bercy

This August, we built the Good Chance Petit Dome at Bastion de Bercy, a welcome and accommodation centre in Paris run by the Aurore Association. The centre houses not only refugees, but also migrants from other European countries who have fallen on difficult times, and French citizens who have experienced homelessness.

We offered a dedicated programme for children, women and families, as well as events and activities which welcomed all residents together. This diversity of culture and experience presents new opportunities for artistic introductions and exchange.

For four weeks, we worked with residents, local people and artists to create a bold and exciting programme of work including carpentry and building, theatre and music. We also put together a woven tapestry, making a whole from individual parts which were created by the residents. Every two weeks culminated in a carnivalesque show in the form of Hope Shows, devised with the residents.

Our final Hope Show on the 31st of August began with a celebratory parade and had everything from theatre, to dance, to songs and drawings, all created and performed by the residents of C.H.U in Bastion de Bercy. It was free and open to everyone.


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We are looking for people passionate about working through art to bring different kinds of communities together to volunteer. Everything from helping to run workshops, building furniture, meeting and speaking with participants, arts and crafts, and of course for the build and take down of the dome. Ideally volunteers will be available for one week, but any amount of time would be hugely helpful!


We build temporary Theatres of Hope in the form of large geodesic domes, in areas with high refugee populations where we hope to create meaningful opportunities for immigrant and local communities to interact through the arts.

We want to continue bringing people from across the world together to connect, share stories and build new communities. We need your help to make it possible. If you can, please show your love and give directly – a one-off or monthly - or donate as you shop through Sustainably. Thank you, it means the world.