The Hope Show

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Good Chance returns to Paris from 16 October - 3 November 2018 at the Museum of Immigration near Porte Dorée.


The Hope Show is our free-wheeling Saturday revue show, showcasing everything created in the theatre each week. Each show might contain performances of theatre and song, exhibitions of photography or showings of films, all arranged around a new theme.

But what has been planned each week is just the start. The Hope Show is open to anyone. Audience members who want to join in, sing a song, throw in a dance or scribble a cartoon are welcome to do so. This is an extravaganza built on spontaneity and solidarity.

The hope of this show comes from everyone. People of all nationalities working together, uniting cultures and unique artistic traditions, to make a statement of possibility through art: We can all live together. Our difference is our hope. 

How to join us:

The Hope Show is free to all. It will be held every Saturday while Good Chance Paris is up and running.

Please email to put your name on the guest list.

Tickets to the Hope Show are complementary. If you would like to make a donation to enable the work of Good Chance to continue in Paris we would be extremely grateful.