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In Paris this summer we will have three brilliant curators leading the artistic life of the dome for three weeks each. 

Julien Colardelle


Julien Colardelle has many artistic talents including : music, dance, film and performance. After a degree in anthropology of dance and ethnomusicology, he created Souffle Collectif, an association which aims at exploring unknown artistic fields by organising meetings of young contemporary creation at the crossroads of cultures. Curator of the Saint Merry church for five years, Julien has also worked for many years as an assistant director, writing and casting, for film directors. He now directs short films, documentaries (CHUT!) and series (ONE TWO), follows bands and dancers on tours and documents the work of theatre companies. He is one of the producers of Petites Planetes, a label which explores the boundaries between cinema, music, and expanded forms of modern rituals. Julien’s experience flows from the personal way he conceptualises cinema, whether it is on the road, or in a dance room : anywhere where the elements of fiction, documentary and dance interact.


Sofia Norlin.jpg

Sofia Norlin is a Swedish-French film and theatre director living in Paris since 1994 and working in both countries. Her debut feature Broken Hill Blues premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2014 and she’s currently preparing her second feature Riviera (co-written with Jean Pol Fargeau), both focusing on social and existential topics with a dreamlike style. She has been an assistant and director apprentice for directors as Ariane Mouchkine & Théâtre du Soleil and Wajdi Mouawad and she staged Lisa Langseth’s play Klimax in Paris. For 10 years now she has been directing theatre and film workshops for young migrants in Paris and Stockholm, at Theater Unga Klara.

Alexandre Moisescot


Alexandre Moisescot is a theater and cinema director, an actor, an author and a teacher.  He never attended an art school and learnt the profession on his own.
In 2006, he created the Cie Gerard Gerard, alongside the students of the National Theatre School of Chaillot. The Cie is now based in Perpignan and runs a theatre (le LIT). The troop travelled around France, producing street theatre, cinema, theatre, workshops, radio and creating festivals. Alexandre also participates to the work of some artists such as : le Théâtre de l’Unité, Casse Gueule, la Cie Turbo Cacahuète, etc.
In 2010, he created Le CoinCoin de ma Tête : a production compagny of long and short movies, where he both directs and produces. He realized his first long movie « Sans Déconner ».
Alexandre has also been a theater teacher for the Nanterre Amandiers Theater for 10 years. He also gave workshops and trainings and received the award of the Best Wokshop movie “Passeurs d’Images”, in 2015.