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Alexandre Moisescot is a theatre and cinema director, an actor, an author and a teacher.  He never attended an art school and learnt the profession on his own - and has a unique style that brings an incredible energy into the dome.

In 2006, he created the Cie Gerard Gerard, alongside the students of the National Theatre School of Chaillot. The Cie is now based in Perpignan and runs a theatre (le LIT). The troop travelled around France, producing street theatre, cinema, theatre, workshops, radio and creating festivals and works with companies including le Théâtre de l’Unité, Casse Gueule, la Cie Turbo Cacahuète. In 2010, he created Le CoinCoin de ma Tête, a production company with which he both directs and produces, including his first full-length feature, Sans Déconner. Alexandre has been a theatre teacher for the Nanterre Amandiers Theater for 10 years and was Curator with Good Chance Paris in Summer 2018 at Jean Quarré.

The Artists of this project

Henri Alexandre
Footsbarn Travelling Theatre
Workshop : masks

Eva Doumbia
La Part du Pauvre
Workshop : theatre and cooking

We Free and Exilophone
Workshop : concert

Alexandra Leblans
Centre des Arts vivants
Workshop : danse

Aurore Laloy
Service des Urgences Poétiques
Workshop : radio

Rodrigo Ramis
Le Théâtre des Ailes Ardentes
Workshop : Café et Voix

Alexandre Moisescot
Good Chance
Workshop : La Troupe

Yoann Garel
Workshop : boxe

Flora Mougin
Workshop : instruments construction

Emilie Poirier
Compagnie Lili Fourchette
Workshop : puppets

Emmanuel Saada
Workshop : video

Christophe Labas-Lafite
Workshop : theatre with objects and writing

Céline Le Gouail
Friction Magazine
Workshop : drawings and fanzine

Marie Duverger
Jack Ellis
Alexandre Moisescot
Good Chance Theatre
Workshop : theatre

Vincent Gracieux
Footsbarn Travelling Theatre
Workshop : Masks

Agnès Delachair
Centre de Danse du Marais
Workshop : Danse

Rodrigo Ramis
Theatre d’Ailes Ardentes
Workshop : Dance and voice

Charlotte Bovy
Workshop : Theatre

Artiste Compagnie

Workshop : Poetry

Alexandre Leblans
Centre des Arts vivants
Workshop : Dance

We have curators leading the artistic programming of the space, but are interested to hear from any artists who are keen to work with us, even if it's for future projects. If you’re interested in running workshops in the dome please contact