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We are delighted to announce that Good Chance Theatre will be back in Paris this summer from early June 2018, using theatre and art to create new kinds of communities and connect people, stories and cultures from across the world.

We will continue to build upon our groundbreaking work in the city, building our domes in a location in Paris where we can work alongside refugees and migrants living in the Paris area, international and local artists and a wide range of brilliant partners. We will curate an ambitious and surprising weekly artistic programme ranging from theatre, music and dance to sculpture, poetry and puppetry, showcasing this incredible work in a public Hope Show open to all every Saturday. The project forms an integral part of Good Chance’s commitment to creating new kinds of communities, using the power of theatre to connect, unite and reclaim our individual and collective narratives.

This project follows our presence in Paris at ‘La Bulle’ refugee welcome centre in Porte de la Chapelle in Spring 2018 and in 2017 at Porte d’Aubervilliers and as part of the Chantiers d’Europe festival at Théâtre de la Ville on the Champs-Élysées. Good Chance Paris is a French association 835 145 855 00010, and for this stage of the project we are delighted to be returning to the city once again to build our domes as safe spaces of community, creativity, humanity, joy and artistic expression.

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