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Elisa Giovannetti

θέατρον in ancient Greek (from the verb θεάομαι: to look) defined not only the building for the performances, but also the places where assemblies and orations took place. In this sense, we should honour the primary function of the theatre as a place where human beings learn to see each other and themselves.

What do we do, when we do theatre?

In a world that seems to relegate arts and culture ever more to being a hobby, pure entertainment or show business, Good Chance Theatre gives us the opportunity to rediscover theatre’s fundamental role in communities. The Good Chance dome is a place where people can celebrate what unifies, instead of focusing on what divides; where differences become perspectives instead of distances; where we can live today in the better world we dream about for a hypothetical future.

For the three weeks of my curation, performers of all kinds will meet for the very first time within the Good Chance dome and will start exchanging and exploring together. They will create performances to be showcased in the very first Hope Shows of Good Chance Paris this year. Through these experiences, we will capture everything that emerges from every practice and discipline, explored within the safe space of the dome, to be able to relate to both the emotions and the intellect of our audience. Together, we will make it evident, with joy and positivity, that the world we live in is not the only possible world.

Jack Ellis

I am a British actor based in Paris. I am working with La Llave Maestra, a Chilean physical theatre company, Sofian Jouini, a hip hop and breakdancer and choreographer, an International Drama School based in Paris, Simón Hanukai, an immersive theatre practitioner and drama teacher from New York, and many more artists. The dome will be alive with music, video, dance, physical theatre work and fashion - the latter inspired by the very popular fashion shows that Good Chance began in Calais using the inappropriate clothes donations such as wedding dresses and hot pants. I will be taking this one step further here in Paris, the home of fashion, bringing together participants as designers, choreographers, couturiers, make-up artists and models, in collaboration with students and alumni from the International Fashion Academy Paris to create a the ‘Good Chance Hope Walk’.

Vincent Mangado

Vincent is an actor. After his studies in the National Drama School, he joined the Theatre du Soleil, where he’s been working for the past 20 years. The company, with 80 members from 25 different countries is a reflection of the world.

Vincent wants to share this experience with Good Chance:

People with different backgrounds working together, and working towards the motto that 'the treasure is the other person’.

A theatre which is fed by other places, and claims for its proper space in the city.

A theatre where art and life can’t be separated, where the kitchen is as important as the stage, and where feast is vital.

By inviting artists from the ‘Soleil’s galaxy’, Vincent wants to create bridges and links, between art forms and between people. One of the guide ropes will be the links between stage and graphic arts, and the traditional masked theatre from Bali and Europe. An other will be the music, sung and played, accompanying theatre and dance. But the main one will be joy, imagination and childhood. Actors’ tools!