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Throughout Good Chance Paris, we have been working with a host of incredible artists who are bringing the theatre alive with music, dancing, mime, mask workshops, physical theatre, stage combat and much more. Find out more about them below - more and more will be added over the coming weeks!


20th February - 10th March

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La Llave Maestra

Edurne Rankin, from Spain and Álvaro Morales, from Chile, met in Buenos Aires in 2006. Since then, they have become an inseparable artistic couple, complementing each other in artistic direction and creation, theatre pedagogy and artistic production.

Together they have created 11 shows in Chile and Spain. Between 2007 and 2009 they worked together in Ciklos theater company in Chile, showcasing their performances in Festivals and Theaters in Chile, Perú, Colombia, Austria and Spain. In 2009  they settled in Spain, where they directed shows for other theater, dance and circus companies. In 2010 they created La Llave Maestra visual theater company. They have 4 shows that had been touring in different Festivals and Theaters around the world and they have led inspirational workshops in Spain, Chile, Perú, Brazil and Taiwán, United States and Argentina.

Sofian Jouini

Sofian Jouini was born in 1985; he spent his first nine years in Tunis before the whole family moved to France where they settled between Nantes and Paris. Curious, he hopped from hobby to hobby for a few years of soccer, judo, scuba-diving, tennis, until finally breakdancing grabbed his attention. He learned from French and US pioneers and historical documentary work on hip-hop culture until 2011. Then he opened his practice to a wider scope of movement and artforms such as Brazilian jiu jitsu, speech, architecture, design, and bio-mimetism. He aims to improve mobility, body awareness and self-expression through games, meditation and improvisation. He transmits his reflection and practice through workshops and contemporary performances.


30th January - 17th February

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Anna Cappellari

Anna is a theatre actress, specialising in research on mask creation with La Valigia di Pandora project. Anna studied theatre in Italy, starting with classical theatre and finding her calling in researching theatre, commedia dell'arte and mask making. With Good Chance, she has been sharing this knowledge and giving them a moment where they can focus on themselves, discovering skills they were not aware of.

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Biloura is an Intercultural Arts Collective born in 2013 in the western Alps of Italy. Following the call of the Italian actress Silvia Ribero, twenty artists from different countries met in April 2013 and the first theatre piece was performed. Biloura is an international platform for performing arts research and production, with no restrictions nor boundaries among different artistic disciplines. Bringing together artists from different cultures, backgrounds and expressive languages, new forms of artistic communication and creation are found and deepened.

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International Fashion Academy (IFA) 

IFA Paris originated in France and pride themselves on their strong French heritage. They have schools in three major cities; Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul. Their approach teaches students about the French fashion heritage but having three locations mixes the classical side of fashion in Paris with the fast-changing fashion world of Shanghai and Istanbul, to truly create a one of a kind learning experience. Good Chance collaborated with IFA to create a fashion show that united people of all backgrounds living in Paris today. Together we created the 'Hope Walk', an extravaganza of hope and heritage, celebrating our diversity and creating a brand new picture of many different cultures living side by side.

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La Compagnie Comme Si

The company got its name from the French expression “faire comme si”, literally meaning to “do as if”. This is the essence and origin of their work: creating, inventing, and playing… For them, invention is a tool for understanding the world. They work using powerful tools such as dance, storytelling, songs and shadows within theatre. Each of these techniques can tell stories in its own different way and create dreamlike parallels to life.

The very generation of art nourishes their relationship with theatre and enriches their creations. Through their partnership both in life and on stage, Caroline Maydat and Clément Ballache developed techniques of putting stories into movement, learning from their own experiences in performance, dance and mime. They worked at Good Chance using physical theatre and dance to develop beautiful choreography with the participants.

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Sara Mangano and Pierre-Yves Massip met in 1994 at the Marcel Marceau school of Mime and ever since then they have chosen to explore together the vast world of their imagination. For over 20 years, they have worked as a duo to shape a gestural and visual theatre where the body is both the tool and the goal. A poetic and popular theatre that whilst rooted in the grammar of mime desires to enrich itself with the vocabulary of other new theatrical styles.

With Good Chance Paris they have brought alive Mediterranean mythologies with raw materials and physical theatre workshops that have given participants a chance to express themselves in incredibly powerful ways.


SuDanzare, led by Artistic Director Tullia Conte, are 'The house of Tarantelle', incorporating theatre, dance and Italian culture into their work. Their work takes into account the potential of everyone; it is for all those who wish to develop and deepen their personal movement abilities. They have been dancing the Tarantelle and a number of other evocative Italian dances with the Good Chance participants.


Scheherazade was founded by Caroline Watson in 2011. Caroline ran China’s first and only social enterprise, Hua Dan, empowering migrant workers to run theatre workshops in their communities. Since then, she has developed this model into a unique European and North American-based training company, seeking to inspire and equip current and future global leaders with the tools to manage in the new world order. Caroline is passionate about creating a model for theatre-based approaches, and Scheherazade have been using their expertise to work with Good Chance's participants to create moving physical theatre in the big dome.

Valentina Sanseverino

A comedian from Vesuvius, Valentina began her career at 16 on the stage of the Teatro Nuovo in Naples. She has played and continues to perform in several creations with the student company Theatro Elicantropo of Naples, directed by Carlo Cerciello. She is co-author of the performance Eponges-Lampedusa and the installation Fils-Filles. Valentina graduated from the Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel Dramatique Etienne Decroux à Paris and is currently a member of the international theatrical collective Femmes Nomades. Her work combines poetry and sincerity; questioning the nature of existence and society is at the centre of her creative and comedic approach.