In March 2017, Good Chance built a temporary theatre in Paris, in collaboration with Collectif MU and with the support of Emmaüs Solidarité.

Welcoming hundreds of refugees, artists and volunteers to work together over five weeks, it was a space to bring people together and give them a chance to express themselves and be creative in a safe and welcoming environment.

Read Hugues Le Tanneur on Good Chance Paris (French)

11 meters in diameter, the big dome was filled with art, music and performance, giving a home to cultures and traditions from Yemen to Ethiopia, Syria to Somalia, Afghanistan to Sudan.

We believe that art has a huge role to play together bringing together people from different cultures and with different perspectives and experiences. As the world changes and people move, the responsibility of artists grows.

“Good luck”, an art bubble!
Like a UFO, you can see it in the distance, Porte d’Aubervilliers, this pretty white dome.
Relive a little to stand a few steps, door of the Chapel.
Wrap yourself up with a human warmth that’s missing out ...
To be entertained to turn away from his condition.
Incredible are your life urges ...
How lucky to have met you!
You are an electroshock that cancels fear and ignorance ...
You are shining eyes, sincere and contagious smiles, singing voices, bodies dancing Life ...
You remind the most jaded in the world that life must pulsate,
Votre dose inépuisable d’espérance m’a contaminée.
Vous vaincrez à ne pas être qu’un “statut” de “migrant”,
Vous êtes infiniment +.
”Good Chance” est un merveilleux refuge, un coin de paix, de bienveillance et de respect,
Se sublimant dans l’Art du théâtre, de la musique, du dessin, de l’écriture...
Ici, on joue ensemble, on partage, on se repose, on crée du lien, on se regarde, on se salue, on apprend à se se connaitre, on se reconnait, on se connecte, on EXISTE...
Le tout dans un grand bain d’Humanité!
”Good chance” est une bulle d’air...
Et comme toute bulle, elle est fragile, éphémère,
Elle quittera la Porte d’Aubervilliers samedi...
Jusqu’à ce qu’elle retrouve un nouveau souffle pour qui voudra bien l’accueillir dans Paris...
— Marie, volunteer with Good Chance Theatre, April 2017

A programme of work was run based on week-long residencies from companies across Europe, culminating in Hope Shows at the end of the week, like in Calais.

To the Good Chance team,
We know this place will close this week
But I want you to know something
We have found the love in this place
And we have found the family
And we have found sincere friends 
And sincere smiles
Smiles that come from the heart
When this place closes, we will never forget you
Because your love will continue inside us 
Because you gave hope to every refugee
Every refugee knows someone who cares about him 
Thank you from all our hearts 
We will tell all the world about this place
About the nice people we met here 
And we will tell our children in the future about your love
Your humanity.
— Written and performed by Yusef in the Good Chance dome in Paris

Chantiers d'Europe festival at Théâtre de la Ville

For the month of May 2017, Good Chance was delighted to build and run a 'Petit dome', part of the Chantiers d'Europe festival at Théâtre de la Ville on the Champs-Élysées. The 'Little Dome' was an interactive exhibition, discussion and performance space, promoting the importance of freedom of expression and reinvigorating the dialogue around the changing face of Europe today.