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In October and November of 2018, Good Chance held an artistic residency in the Opening Season at the Museum of Immigration in Paris, based on this year’s theme of 'Welcome'. The programme was full of workshops across all artforms - theatre, dance, music, mime, painting and puppetry - with Saturdays saved for our weekly Hope Show.

Our programme was extended for an extra two weeks due to popular demand. With a generous donation from Encore Tickets we were able to reach hundreds more people through our workshops and Hope Shows.


We worked with friends from refugee and migrant centres across the city and beyond, as well as new people we had met along the way. Holding a bold artistic programme in our Good Chance dome, we celebrated diversity and difference, togetherness and solidarity. Through theatre, music, art, dance, film, puppetry and more, we invited communities to connect, unite and reclaim personal and collective narratives.

Our troupe of performers from around the world – all newly arrived in Paris – helped build, programme and perform within the Good Chance ‘Theatre of Hope’, offering a handshake and warm reception to every member of the Parisian public. We challenged conventional ideas of welcome: what it means to welcome, whose responsibility it is, and how this works in practice. It was our hope that the dome created a unique space for introductions, using art to strengthen relationships between those welcoming, and being welcomed. 

Read more about it in Howlround and The Stage.


Theatre company La Troupe was born out of the Good Chance Paris domes. This core group of incredible performers formed a central pillar of every workshop and Hope Show, and now they are working together on a devised piece of theatre, developed collectively and led by Alexandre Moisescot.

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Your support will help us create and use art to strengthen relationships between new and old communities. Without this support, we could not continue doing the work we do.


L'Humanité: "We're all humans, all the same. We do not have to fear, we are here to exchange and get to know each other."

The Stage: “We are constantly building our links with the local community, and we are committed to staying in Paris for as long as we are needed.”

Café Babel: “The theatre saved me”

Cultures en Dialogue - "faire renaître leur capacité de choix et d’expression"



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