Festival Terrace at the Southbank Centre in London, 30 July - 7 August 2016  

In summer 2016, Good Chance created Encampment in the heart of London, as part of Southbank Centre’s Festival of Love. Across nine days and nights inside the original Calais dome, a programme of free performances, workshops and discussions united artists and audiences from the UK, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Cameroon, Guinea and many others. The theatre was owned and operated by a mighty volunteer team of former Jungle residents, now building new lives in Britain, who welcomed visitors and audiences into the space.

Encampment was a festival of introductions. A neutral, human space for Londoners and refugees to meet, in many cases for the first time. For them to speak, listen, argue and laugh together. To try to understand each other in a different way. Nearly ten thousand people came through the doors of the theatre. They came to see (and sometimes join!) performances by over 110 artists from all over the world. 

We believe art has an important role in making introductions. It is the single best way of understanding another person or culture, and at times of movement, this is incredibly important.

Encampment at Somerset House

As well as being at the Southbank Centre, BeAnotherLab set-up an interactive virtual reality experience at Somerset House as part UTOPIA 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility. Encampment Installation took over Lancaster Place with a display of the tents and shelters people were forced to make their homes in the Calais Jungle. 

The people, organisations and artists who took part in Encampment:

Art by residents of the Calais jungle; Sue Partridge; The Mechanical Animal Corporation (Tom Bailey and Simon Whetham); The Paper Project; The Calais Sessions; Young Vic Taking Part; Sanjar Qiam (Kite-making); Palestine Youth Orchestra; Red Zone Theatre; Pan Intercultural Arts; FICA London Capoeira group; Refugee Youth/ APOW!; Queens of Syria (film); Zoukak Theatre Company; Bashir Al-Gamar; ice&fire; Jenifer Toksvig and Emma Manton; Bards without Borders; Mr Shapouri; Eric Ngalle Charles (3 Crate Productions and Black Entertainment Wales); Women For Refugee Women; Maya Youssef; Kinetika Bloco; Exiled Writers Ink; Mosi Conde; Citizens UK; Theatr Clwyd; Nassim Soleimanpour (Volcano Theatre); Cush Jumbo; 47 Soul; BeAnotherLab; A Home For Winter; Southbank Centre; Somerset House. 

Take a look inside and outside the dome: