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Founded by playwrights Joe Robertson and Joe Murphy, Good Chance established it’s first temporary ‘Theatre of Hope’, a 12 metre geodesic dome in the heart of the Calais Jungle in 2015. Over seven months, Good Chance welcomed thousands of refugees, artists and volunteers into the space. The Dome became a place to bring people together, to express themselves and to be creative in a safe and welcoming environment.

Since the destruction of the Calais Jungle, we built our Theatres of Hope in areas in Paris where expression is stifled and where immigrant and local communities are struggling to integrate. Good Chance France collaborates with local and international artists, arts organisations and NGOs to deliver multi-genre programmes of workshops for refugees and migrants living in and around Paris.






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We build temporary Theatres of Hope in the form of large geodesic domes, in areas with high refugee populations where we hope to create meaningful opportunities for immigrant and local communities to interact through the arts. In collaboration with local and international artists, the Domes host a multi-genre programme of workshops and share this work with the wider public at a weekly ‘Hope Show’.


After two years of working in Paris, a passionate and talented ensemble of performers has emerged comprised of people living in refugee accommodation centres across the city; La Troupe. Having begun to develop their skills in the Dome, La Troupe now work outside of the Domes receiving professional training through twice-weekly workshops. They worked towards their first commission for Culture Lab in Reims in June 2019 with a further five performances across Paris in July 2019. We plan to continue to expand their performance opportunities following the productions this past summer.


We are partnering with the International Fashion Academy (IFA), who originally worked with Good Chance in the dome in Porte de la Chapelle in spring 2019. Since then, two people we met in the dome in 2018 have gone onto IFA to do fully funded artistic residencies there.

In April, Good Chance and Aurore Association held workshops in collaboration with graduates from IFA working with refugee children to produce drawings around the theme of ‘Sky and Space’ that will contribute to a design for a NASA spacesuit.


We’re looking for volunteers! We’re building the small Dome in Paris from August 6th - August 30th. If you’re interested in community theatre, art, building, staging, hosting workshops, organising and logistics then get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

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