The Good Chance Ensemble is a collective of artists across the world whom we support to develop professionally and artistically through participation in our theatre domes and productions and other collaborative projects. 

The Ensemble has, to date, supported and worked with individual artists from around the world who we met and connected with in the dome theatres in Calais and Paris, through specific projects and opportunities.

Our vision now for the Good Chance Ensemble is to grow and expand it as a broader collective of artists, partners and collaborators who are working towards the changes in society we want to see.

Over time, the Good Chance Ensemble will:

  • Continue to work with individual artists who have arrived in Europe as refugees through specific projects and support.

  • Engage more consistently and regularly with local artists, curators and volunteers who we meet through our work in the Good Chance Theatre dome.

  • Provide a structure for collaborating with arts organisations around the world who want to develop new work that is inspired by or connected to ours.


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La Troupe Paris May 2019.JPG
Where the heart of Good Chance’s humanitarian work has been about one thing, it has also led them to an awareness of talented beings that add extra value to the importance of each individual life... Almost unintentionally, Good Chance have found themselves doing more, effortlessly. And they are undoubtedly the best people currently to do this.
— John Pfumojena, actor in The Jungle and member of Sounds of Refuge