Good Chance built its first theatre in the Jungle refugee and migrant camp in Calais in 2015. It was conceived as a place for people to come to express themselves and offered a space “to escape or confront the situations they were in”.

Money was raised to purchase a second-hand 11m geodesic dome, and built with the support of the Young Vic Theatre, National Theatre and Royal Court Theatre, who offered materials and equipment.

The theatre ran a programme of work every day, incorporating all art forms and welcoming companies from across the UK, France and the world. It operated on a volunteer basis, with artists finding time and money to come and work in the space. 

My dear friends. How are you doing? It’s such pleasure and it’s so nice to have you ladies and gentlemen. I really thank the people who organise this great theatre. And we will know many things by it. For example, show different cultures, different people with different mind and language as well. So it doesn’t matter how you look like, just be the best version of yourself. Just come to the theatre. Even you will get knowledge from it. You read story from ancient time up to now and sing a song. Wisdom. Really it’s great idea to come to the theatre to know more about it. Finally, ladies and gentlemen, follow your ideas. Don’t follow the other people ideas. Your mind is the best mind. And don’t care what they’re saying. Thanks a lot. Once again, thanks for the people who organised - God bless you.
— Alsadig Sharif, 17 years old, from Sudan 'I hope one day I will be in UK.'

Good Chance ran crowdfunding campaigns to fund the day-to-day running of the theatre and became one of the most successful arts crowdfunding campaigns in UK history, second only to Ai Weiwei.

Hope Shows

Each Saturday, the theatre would stage ‘Hope Shows’, bringing together work made throughout the week and playing to audiences from the camp. The configuration of the space would be changed for each show, welcoming between 100 and 250 people for each performance. 

Works of art from the Jungle

Many different people came together, to create and share different works of art and expression inside and outside the Good Chance dome. It is impossible to reflect the depth and beauty in its entirety. 

HATE (30/11/2015)
Detest the life full of disaster,
Hope not to be in the street full of mud like butter
Dislike the war in the peaceful worldDespise my beings to recall the tragedy and massacres of our life
Have an aversion to be in life full of bloodshed and fight
Loathe those who hide and creep up like insects in night
Abhor the people with double face
We hate the race, we hate the loneliness
We recoil from the homesick life like tea without sugar
We feel venomous for the useless life, the hollow valley, plagued by evil rumours
We are sick of the zig-zag way
We are sick with the pendulum life
I cannot bear the storm or the fire that burns our homes
Pain for the person who wanders alone with only one shoe
Shrink away from the hunger that causes death.
Detest, despise, dislike, this hate, this hate.
— Mohammed Omer AKA The Dream, from Sudan