Joe Murphy - Artistic Director

Either the first or second Joe, depending on who you met first. Co-founder, co-artistic director, co-writer and co-fill in the blank.Read more

Joe Robertson - Artistic Director

As the other Joe (Murphy), but with an extra frisson of charm thrown in. Co-believer that art can (and will) change the world.Read more

Amy Reade - Artistic Associate

World's youngest confirmed genius. Runs towards danger and makes best friends there. Spent months out in Calais making our first theatre a theatre of hope, and hasn't stopped since.Read more

Claire Bejanin - International Executive Producer

Friends and footprints all over the world. Touching down anywhere from Tokyo to Cape Town, and whizzing everyone along with her in between. Eyes fixed for new ventures and connections.Read more

Jenn Reynolds - Press and PR Manager

Brand new messages require brand new ways of talking. So you'll always find her creating brand new chats with the world. Listen out.Read more